What can I do
to ensure that a legal marijuana industry will not market the drug to children, adolescents, or young adults?

1. Join the Campaign.
Fill out the form on the right and click join. You will receive periodic updates from the Campaign.

2. Write or E-Mail Your Representatives
Your opinion will count! Elected officials at the state and federal levels depend on your input–and they’ll decide whether any measure to legalize marijuana includes provisions to protect children.

You can help by contacting at least two of your representatives–one at the state level and the other a federal representative–to urge them to include all twelve items advocated here to protect children if marijuana is legalized.

A sample letter is included below which you can send as is or customize. And you can send it one of two ways–by mail or e-mail–although e-mail is preferred when contacting members of Congress.

To find the names of your representatives, go to Project Vote Smart. Near the top of the page at “Find Your Candidates,” fill in your zip code or address. Click on “Current Officials.”

3. Let us know who you contacted with a quick e-mail.
Please email info@nationalfamilies.org with the names of the representatives you contacted. Thank you!

Sample Letter
I live in your district and care about children. I’m concerned that marijuana will be marketed to children if the substance is legalized, just as tobacco and alcohol products get into the hands of children through clever marketing by their manufacturers.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, any legislation you sponsor or vote on to legalize marijuana must include the provisions advocated by the What About the Children? campaign. These include a ban on marijuana advertising, automatic repeal if underage marijuana use exceeds certain levels, and an industry-financed fund to pay for the health consequences of marijuana legalization (so taxpayers like me don’t have to foot the bill). These and the other provisions are described in more detail on the What About the Children? website.

We made serious mistakes in the past when tobacco and alcohol products were allowed to get into the hands of children. Let’s not make the same mistake again.



Download the Provisions
A complete copy of the provisions can be downloaded here:

12 Provisions to Protect Children if Marijuana is Legalized


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