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Marketing of Marijuana

5/5/15–A commentary published in The New York Times applauds an editorial and Op-Ed essay for highlighting the rise in electronic cigarette use among high school students and for condemning the tobacco industry for aggressively targeting kids, to read the original article.

Spencer’s Gifts and Marley Madness-Is the Joke on Us?

“We need future leaders, to read the entire issue.

Our Apologies

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Colorado Marijuana Use 72 Percent Higher than US!

U.S. vs Colorado Past-Month Marijuana Use, 2013

Colorado’s monthly marijuana use is 72 percent greater than the U.S. total among people aged 12 and older according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, released last week by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Past-month use in Colorado increased 22 percent from 10.41 percent to 12.7 percent between 2012 and 2013, one year after the state legalized recreational marijuana in November 2012 but one year before recreational pot shops opened for business in January 2014. Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2000 when 7.8 percent of its citizens used the drug monthly compared to 12.7 percent thirteen years later. The legislature authorized commercial marijuana growing and sales through dispensaries in 2009. Three years later, more than 500 dispensaries were operating across the state and more than 108,000 residents held medical marijuana cards. Past-month alcohol and pain-reliever use also increased in Colorado in 2013.

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Georgia Student Arrested for Pot Brownies; Children Sent to Hospital

4/21/15–An Albany High School student looking to celebrate an unofficial holiday with schoolmates has been arrested for marijuana brownies. WALB-TV reported that 19-year-old Justin Crutchfield brought the dessert Monday. Police say at least 15 students ate the brownies. Three were treated at a hospital but are fine now.

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Ketchikan Couple Arrested after Police Find Marijuana Grow and Restrained Child

2/20/15–Ketchikan police say they arrested a man and woman on charges stemming from a marijuana grow Tuesday after finding cannabis plants at the couple’s apartment and their 5-year-old granddaughter in an “improvised cage.” The couple was charged with two counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for the marijuana grow.

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3-Year-Old’s Call to 911 over Sleeping Mother and Friends Leads to Drug, Child Neglect Charges

2/15/15–Police in Ocean Springs, to read the original article.

Twenty Children, Twenty Deaths Tied to Marijuana

1/12/15–At least 20 small children have died nationwide because of their parents’ or caretaker’s marijuana usage, to read the original article.

St. Paul Couple Accused of Giving Marijuana to Infant

4/18/15–A Minnesota couple is accused of giving marijuana to their infant. The Pioneer Press reports 31-year-old Richard Warren Martin was charged Friday in Ramsey County with fifth-degree drug sale and child endangerment, to read the original article.

Georgia Mom, 35, Who Hosted Underage Sex, Drugs Party Also Took Naked Bubble Bath with Teens

4/17/15–The Georgia woman arrested for hosting an underage sex and drugs party lost custody of her children earlier this month after a judge found that she participated in a “multi-party bubble bath” with teenagers and regularly left her five offspring home alone overnight to be with her boyfriend, to read the original article.


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