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3 Middle School Students Taken to Hospital, May Have Eaten Marijuana-Laced Food

6/1/15–Three teenagers who may have eaten food containing marijuana were rushed from a Los Angeles middle school to a hospital. The students, two of them 14, one 13, reportedly consumed food bought off campus that may have contained marijuana.

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Safe Pot? Tell That to the 62 Kids Who Died

6/15/15–Marijuana is an addictive and hazardous drug. But lately, some have taken to proclaiming that “marijuana is safer than alcohol, ” a message that is not only wrong but dangerous. According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, in a study that examines all deaths in Arizona of children under the age of 18, a disturbing number of child deaths resulted from substance use. “It is unconscionable to experiment with [marijuana] legalization on Arizona’s youth. Those 62 children whose lives were snuffed out in 2013 would certainly agree,” stated Sheila Polk, Yavapai County Attorney and vice chair of Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy.

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Marijuana Research Finds Psychosis in Pot-Smoking Teens Way Up

6/6/15–As the drug gets good press with medical marijuana, and legalization in some U.S. states, it appears more teens are smoking it and for many it’s leading to grave problems. As many as a dozen studies have been done that show an increased risk for mental health issues among teens. Reporter Sue Bailey of the Canadian Press has produced the latest story and it includes interviews from front-line workers who deal with the teenage victims of marijuana. “I see more and more cases of substance-induced psychosis. The most common substance that’s abused is cannabis,” comments Bailey.

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Teens Using Marijuana Jumped from 13.4% to 14.8%

6/12/15–As marijuana continues to gain acceptance all around the nation after its legalization for medical and recreational use in some states, one important point is being omitted from the narrative. What about our teen’s. After all, they are our country’s future. What message is this outpouring of marijuana’s acceptance sending to teens in an effort to address teen marijuana abuse?

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An Important Court Decision, a New Study about Marijuana Use, and 43 Marijuana-Related Deaths in Arizona Top This Week’s News

Child deaths from marijuana (43) were second only to alcohol (56), and marijuana deaths were higher than deaths from methamphetamine (25), cocaine (12), opiates (17) or firearms (32).

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Stunning Increase in Marijuana Exposures among Children Ages 5 or Younger

The rate of marijuana exposures among children younger than six increased by 147.5 percent in the United States between 2000 and 2013, finds a new study published in Clinical Pediatrics.

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Marijuana Can Be Risky for Teens with Developing Brains, Researchers Say

6/8/15–Scientific studies increasingly suggest marijuana may not be the risk-free high that teens — and sometimes their parents — think it is, researchers say. Yet pot is still widely perceived by young smokers as relatively harmless, said Dr. Romina Mizrahi, director of the Focus on Youth Psychosis Prevention clinic and research program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. She cites a growing body of research that warns of significantly higher incidence of hallucinations, paranoia and the triggering of psychotic illness in adolescent users who are most predisposed.

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Marijuana Exposure among Children Younger than Six Years in the United States

6/7/15–A study investigates marijuana exposures among children younger than 6 years old in the United States using data from the National Poison Data System. From 2000 through 2013, there were 1969 marijuana exposures among children younger than 6 years old and an exposure rate of 5.90 per million children. The rate of exposure to marijuana among young children nationwide is rising. Young children in states where laws allow sale and use of marijuana face significantly elevated risks of exposure and poisoning.

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We Are Becoming a Marijuana-Saturated Culture

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Prison Ordered in Crash That Killed 8-Year-Old in Kansas City, Kan.

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