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Your donation will help the Campaign mobilize more citizens to contact their policymakers and insist that any law that legalizes marijuana include the Campaign’s 12 Provisions to protect children.

The alcohol and tobacco industries spend $21 billion a year to advertise and market their products. That amount of money would buy 70, 000 houses costing $300,000 each, create 233,333 new jobs with salaries of $75,000 plus benefits, or pay for 420,000 college educations–every year!

A legal marijuana industry will spend as much as the alcohol and tobacco industries or more to market its products—and children will be its target. If policymakers legalize marijuana, they must include the Campaign’s iron-clad provisions to prevent the industry from marketing or selling marijuana to any child, any adolescent, any young adult.

Your donation will help ensure these provisions will be adopted as part of any law that legalizes marijuana.

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