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Adolescent Exposure to E-Cigarette TV Ads Increases Likelihood of Future Use

7/7/15–Adolescents who are exposed to e-cigarette TV advertising are more likely to try e-cigarettes in the future, according to a groundbreaking experiment.

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Gateway to Curiosity: Medical Marijuana Ads and Intention and Use during Middle School

6/1/15–Studies suggest that as marijuana has become more accessible and adults have become more tolerant regarding marijuana use, adolescents perceive marijuana as more beneficial and are more likely to use if they are living in an environment that is more tolerant of marijuana use. One factor that may influence adolescents’ perceptions about marijuana and marijuana use is their exposure to advertising of this product. Cross-lagged regressions showed a reciprocal association of advertising exposure with marijuana use and intentions during middle school.

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Medical Marijuana Advertising Sparks Interest in Pot Use among Teens, Study Finds

7/6/15–A study of Southern California middle school students found that those who see ads, billboards, or signs for medical marijuana were more likely to think about or smoke pot than those who see no advertising, researchers said Monday. Surveys from more than 8,214 students who attended 16 Southern California middle schools during 2010 and 2011 were analyzed by researchers with the RAND corporation for this study.

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Co-Occurrence of Substance-Related and Other Mental Health Disorders among Adolescent Cannabis Users

6/16/15–Researchers wondered what the rates of cannabis abuse and dependence might be among adolescents referred for substance use evaluations and also about the incidence of co-occurring psychiatric illnesses and substance use disorders among those individuals. Study results show that cannabis use carries the risk of dependence and also carries with it significant risk of comorbidities, both with respect to other substance use disorders and other psychiatric illness.

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Why Is Adolescent Marijuana Use Higher in States That Legalize Medical Marijuana than in States That Don’t?

Although use does not increase after legalization, to read this week’s e-newsletter.

Couple Found High on Marijuana with Baby at Burger King

7/2/15–A couple was arrested after they were allegedly found abusing drugs at a Burger King with a 5-month-old baby. Melanie Jayne Smith, 35, of Marksville, Louisiana, is charged with neglect of a dependent, obstruction of justice, possession of paraphernalia and possession of marijuana. Murl Tyler Jr., also of Marksville, was charged with neglect of a dependent. Police confiscated 1.7 grams of marijuana from Tanner, and they gave him tickets for possession of paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

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Maryland Woman Charged with Giving Marijuana to Children at Party

7/3/15–Tabitha A. Cassidy, to read the original article.

Legalizing Marijuana Not so ‘Responsible’

6/21/15–Kelly Camm, who has been closely following all of the articles about legalization of marijuana and how the group, ResponsibleOhio, was started submitted an open letter to the editor of Cincinnati Enquirer expressing concern about several heinous crimes being committed by marijuana users. Camm pleads with Ohio to consider the pros and cons of recreational marijuana carefully, and strongly believes legalization will negatively affect everyone – law enforcement, health care, families and innocent children.

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Drinking in Pregnancy ‘Significant’ Cause of Childhood Brain Damage

6/23/15–Sir Al Aynsley-Green, one of the UK’s leading experts in child health, is calling for stronger warnings on alcohol to alert women to the dangers of drinking while pregnant. Sir Al said exposure to alcohol before birth was one of the “most significant” causes of childhood brain damage. “Exposure to alcohol before birth is one of the most significant causes of childhood brain damage, learning disability, poor behaviour and even criminality, affecting up to one in every 100 infants,” he comments.

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Is There a Middle Road between Marijuana Incarceration and Marijuana Legalization?

We would like to see a public health/social justice system replace the criminal justice system for low-level marijuana offenders. Its goal would be to provide public health and social services to them after they pay their fines.

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