Sitter Acquitted in Death of Toddler Hit by Car

5/29/15–Manuel “Manny” Mercado Jr., to read the original article.

More Deaths from the Drug That’s Never Killed Anyone

“The driver of the truck told police he had drunk six beers and smoked marijuana before the crash.”

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Adverse Effects of Marijuana

Major NIH Study Will Examine the Effects of Drugs on the Developing Brain

4/10/15–The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study, to read the original article.

Smoked Marijuana as a Teen? You Could Have Been Taller

5/20/15–Researchers at a university in Pakistan studied levels of hormones linked to growth and puberty in the blood of 217 boys addicted to marijuana and 220 who didn’t smoke at all. They found that though levels of testosterone and luteinising hormone, to read the original article.

Marijuana Intoxication Blamed in More Deaths, Injuries

5/18/15–Another death in Colorado has been listed as having “marijuana intoxication” as a factor, to read the original article.

Other Side of Cannabis Movie Trailer

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Open Letter to the Person Who Called Me a Failed Parent

5/12/15–Sally Schindel’s son died by suicide in March 2014 at age 31. Her son left a note that included these words “Marijuana killed my soul + ruined my brain.” According to Schindel, to read the original article.

Youth Brains + Lead Paint = IQ-7; Youth Brains + Marijuana = IQ-8. You Do the Math on Legalization.

5/11/15–According to an online post published by The Marijuana Policy Initiative, to read the original article.

Keeping Marijuana out of Hands of Kids

5/4/15–Three Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers examine how legislators and regulators could learn from the successes—and failures—of the tobacco and alcohol industries in keeping their harmful products out of the hands of children and adolescents. Study leader Brendan Saloner and his co-authors—Colleen Barry, to read the original article.