12 Provisions to Protect Children if Marijuana is Legalized

Click on “Why”? to read the rationale for each provision. A complete copy of all 12 provisions and their rationales can be downloaded here: 12 Provisions to Protect Children if Marijuana is Legalized

1. No Advertising
An advertising ban on legal marijuana. Why?

2. A Penalty Fee
on the marijuana industry for every underage user. Why?

3. Automatic Repeal
of marijuana legalization if underage marijuana use exceeds certain levels. Why?

4. No Product Placements
sponsorships, point-of-purchase marketing, or depictions in entertainment venues. Why?

5. An Industry-Financed Fund
from marijuana profits to pay for the damage legal marijuana will do, so that taxpayers won’t have to pick up the tab. Why?

6. A State Agency to Tax and Regulate
the marijuana industry, including marijuana purity and potency. Why?

7. Licensed Growers, Distributors, and Retail Sellers
Marijuana sold only in licensed retail stores where no other products are sold. Why?

8. No Drugged Driving
A ban on driving with marijuana in the systems of drivers or passengers. Why?

9. No Drugged Employees or Students
A ban on people coming to work or school with marijuana in their systems. Why?

10. Smoke-Free Laws Apply
No marijuana use where tobacco smoking is banned. Why?

11. Marijuana Controlled by FDA
Marijuana placed under the control of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, like tobacco is now.

12. A Surgeon General’s Report
on the impact of legal marijuana. Why?

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