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Marijuana Edibles Are Sending More People to the ER

1/6/15–A recent report from anti-legalization group Smart Approaches to Marijuana says that ER rooms in Colorado are seeing an uptick in the number of kids ages 3 to 7 who accidentally ate marijuana-laced products, with 14 kids seeking treatment in the first half of 2014. One reason is that the strength of edible products is not regulated. There is no statewide agency double-checking potency claims.

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Announcing E-Highlights from The Marijuana Report.Org

National Families in Action, in partnership with Project SAM, the Treatment Research Institute, and others, announces the publication of E-Highlights. This monthly e-mail newsletter hits the highlights of the most important stories posted to the new website, The Marijuana Report.Org. Subscribe here. Download E-Highlights July Word.E-Highlights July Photo

Announcing Our New Website: The Marijuana Report.Org

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Colorado as of 12.31.2013

Before the first sale of legal recreational marijuana, medical marijuana sales had already caused significant problems in Colorado.

2013 WSJ Colorado Infographic

This Pot Shop Owner Doesn’t Get It

January 3, 2014 — Yesterday’s Summit Daily quotes a legal pot-shop owner whose eagerness to make money appears to outweigh his obligation not to sell to young people. Colorado’s legal purchase age is 21.

Attitude of Colorado Marijuana Seller

Marijuana Use Doubles, Belief in Harm Plummets Since Drive to Legalize Marijuana as Medicine Began

2013 Marijuana HSS Infographic

Crtical News for Parents

Every parent in the nation needs to read this terrifying article, “Protect Your Teen from Dangerous Drugs,” from Internet safety expert Sedgrid Lewis, writing in today’s Huffington Post. Thank you, Mr. Lewis, for helping parents protect their kids.

What Dr. Sanjay Gupta Doesn’t Tell Us about “Weed”

August 19, 2013–It would have been nice if Dr. Gupta had told us that cannabidiol (CDB), the component in marijuana that research shows holds the most promise for use in medicine, doesn’t get you high and isn’t smoked. See our new article about his CNN documentary in The Huffington Post.

Videos of President Carter, Other Presenters at Marijuana Workshop Now Available

See videotapes of President Jimmy Carter and all other presenters at a marijuana workshop hosted by National Families in Action for leaders from Colorado, Washington, and other states in Atlanta in May . Designed for state legislative and executive-branch leaders, the workshop had two goals: 1) to encourage states that legalized commercial marijuana to prevent that industry from marketing to children like the tobacco and alcohol industries do and 2) to help other states seek marijuana policies that neither incarcerate low-level offenders nor legalize the drug.

Noted scientists from several different disciplines presented at the workshop.

President Carter told participants, “I do not favor legalization. We must do everything we can to discourage marijuana use, as we do now with tobacco and excessive drinking. We have to prevent making marijuana smoking from becoming attractive to young people, which is, I’m sure, what the producers of marijuana….are going to try and do.”

Leaders Meet to Discuss How to Legalize Pot

May 29, 2013–On May 16, President Jimmy Carter told leaders from several states at a workshop sponsored by National Families in Action that he opposes marijuana legalization. Read about the meeting on The Huffington Post.


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