Marijuana Legalization Proponents Deny Health Harms Just Like Tobacco Industry Did

March 18, 2013–Every day new scientific studies come across my desk warning of harms marijuana poses to users. That’s why it is particularly frustrating to see leading legalization organizations insist that marijuana is fundamentally harmless. A case in point is Ethan Nadelmann’s Drug Policy Alliance, the organization that takes credit for persuading states to legalize pot for medical and now recreational use. On its website, the Alliance features prominently 10 Facts About Marijuana, but science gives the lie to these so-called facts. Read more in our new article on the Huffington Post.

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  • By Anonymous, March 29, 2013 @ 2:48 am

    I am 19 year old marijuana addict (by the clinical definition) and have only been paying attention to the articles and studies surrounding this debate for a year now but the very first thing I learned is that you really cannot trust the “science” coming out when it has become so decisive and politicized, regardless of personal bias. From what I’ve have read, researched, and experienced I would have to disagree with you but I can admit that that doesn’t really matter. Give a pro-pot and anti-pot person each 30 minutes on google and one could find a hundred pieces of evidence that marijuana is a debilitating plague and the other could find the same amount of evidence that it a miracle plant and we are right back where we started, with our opinions. For that reason lets just forget all of the studies and “facts” on both sides and let me just make this point. Even if every claim you and your associates make is true I still do not see any argument against legalization and regulation similar to alcohol. Unless me taking a rip on my couch, in my home, somehow infringes upon your ability to live your life how you would have otherwise lived it, I do not see why I can’t. If the health risks stated in your article compel you to campaign against the usage of marijuana that is your preogative and IF, a very tentative if, those risks have basis in fact then it is concerning to me as a pothead, but it is always my perogative to make my own decisions about what enters or does not enter my system and it is not for you or the government to make that for me. There needs to be a distinction between the virtues and consequences of marijuana, and marijuana legalization. Oh and about the children, a 14 year old who wants to smoke pot is going to smoke pot, I guarantee it, so the best thing you can do is try and deny them a regular supply. You can do this by arresting the dealers sure, but we’ve seen how well this direction has panned out over the last 50 years. This may be just because I live in California but weed is WAY, WAY easier to get than alcohol. I actually think that people who are concerned about children and health risks regarding weed should be in favor of legalization. If there is anything our bloated prison system can show us is that people will use drugs regardless of what the government says so why not let the government regulate quality and distribution? Have you ever met pot dealer? I understand why you wouldn’t want kids around them. With marijuana legal it frees up companies to R&D new, healthier strains or methods of ingestion. Just think if all of the money now going to law enforcement and the prison industry that could be used for honest and objective drug programs in schools. We are not going to live in a world without marijuana so shouldn’t we live in a world with safer marijuana?

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