If this is how MEDICAL marijuana is sold, how will LEGAL marijuana be sold?

February 28, 2012–The video above (click image to start) records the Hash Bar World Cup Championship sponsored at the Medical Kush Beach Club in Venice Beach, California, by the club’s owner, Sean Kush (ne Cardillo). The club, pictured below, was a medical marijuana dispensary located between a head shop on the left and the Medical Kush Doctor on the right, where people were urged to “Stop by the Medical Kush Doctor to get your rec. [recommendation]. Then go upstairs to get your meds.” Operating since 2006, the state medical board and law enforcement agencies shut down all three shops last year. If California voters legalize marijuana for recreational use, what kinds of regulations can be written to prohibit this sort of marketing effort, especially to underage young people? We’ve proposed some; we’d like to hear your suggestions.


  • By Dan Riffle, MPP, February 28, 2012 @ 8:37 pm

    It seems to me the regulations applicable to this particular business were sufficient since the appropriate authorities were able to shut down the club. That said, this particular location looks inappropriate in a medical marijuana regime, but under legalization, I don’t see any issues. There’s nothing inappropriate about that picture other than the fact that it makes a mockery of medical services. If medical services are removed from the picture, that shop would be fine, particularly given the surroundings (Venice Beach).

    Personally, I would support a ban on television, print, and billboard advertising. Retail locations should be appropriately zoned (i.e. non-residential), and permitted to operate at limited hours, similar to state regulated liquor stores which close at 9:00pm in my location. In short, I think it should be regulated much like alcohol, but perhaps a bit stricter (not because it’s more dangerous than alcohol – it’s far safer – but because alcohol regulations are currently too lax).

  • By Medical Marijuana, April 3, 2012 @ 6:58 pm

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